kamikazAI MEDIA: Active Inspiration. A media studio that takes innovation seriously.

Here at kamikazAI MEDIA we don't just believe in having dreams, we believe in working hard to make those dreams a reality. Without action, innovation means nothing - and will amount to nothing. It's just not enough to have a good idea, you must also have the dedication and motivation to see that good idea through to fruition. With these goals and ambitions in mind, we always strive to do our very best... and the more we do, the better we get!

So how can we help you? Any successful endeavor necessitates teamwork and we offer a wide range of services: proofreading, editing, sub-editing, website and graphic design. The whole media bundle; a complete package from start to finish, or for any step along the way... we are here to help you. These skills and services are not just our forte, they are our passion - a winning combination that is guaranteed to produce good results; on time, every time.

kamikazAI MEDIA is a small design and development studio that specializes in the publishing industry. So, if you're a writer or a publisher with a text that needs proofreading and/or sub-editing, you've come to the right place! Perhaps you want a new website (or have an old website that needs a facelift) or maybe you are simply looking for some clever design ideas (graphics, logos, etc). We can do it all - and more!


Original Work: We occasionally produce original work in between our commissioned assignments. This is where new ideas are born and raised, and then unleashed upon the world... one at a time. More »


Media Work: We love new challenges, especially when those challenges involve social / interactive / digital media. From film production to iPhone Apps, we are regularly involved in various media projects. More »


Editing Work: Any text that is full of spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and/or typos will never be taken seriously. The details make a world of difference, especially if you have an important message to convey. Remember: if a job is worth doing, it's worth doing properly - so let us help you! More »


Design Work: Aesthetics and perfection usually don't come easy and, if you want to make a good first impression, you only get ONE chance. Don't leave that chance hanging in the balance! Clever (and practical) design leaves a lasting impression. More »

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Some of Our Clients

Zagreb Tourist Board Gavrilovic
Croatia Airlines
Aion Media Translations
Institute For Tourism